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Very Cool Guitar App for iPhone and Android
July 02, 2011
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One of the first iPhone apps I downloaded was the Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application - Legacy Learning Systems. It's also available for Android.

This is a great app for beginners because it features tools of the trade that every musician needs. These are:

  • A metronome
  • A chromatic tuner
  • Chord charts for basic open chords

In addition, there are some great video lessons. These lessons are examples of the full lessons you receive when you buy the full Gibsonís Learn & Master Guitar course. In fact, the lessons included in the app are the full videos.

The course is taught by Steve Krenz. Steve is a professional guitarists located in Nashville, Tennessee. He does quite a bit of session work (studio musician), so he is very qualified to teach this course. You'll see Steve is versed in rock, country, blues and jazz music styles.

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar course was not always endorsed by Gibson. In fact, I bought the full course before Gibson became involved with Legacy Learning Systems (founders of the Learn & Master Series). All the videos have been re-shot with Steve playing Gibson guitars, where before he played a number of different makes and models.

It's impressive that the app is free to download - the videos are top-notch, not to mention the quality of the instruction. There are 15 videos from the full course, each running 5 minutes or more in length. These cover guitar basics, strumming techniques and some advanced jazz methods. In addition, there's a video from another course on guitar setup and maintenance.

If you decide you want more, you can review what is included in the full course at Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar website. Normally the price is $249, but for the 4th of July Weekend, you can get it for $149.

As someone who owns the course, I'm somewhat biased in my opinion, but the course is truly exceptional in the quality of the lessons and the physical product itself.

Get the free app for your phone, or get the full course - it's up to you.



Dave "Eddie" Vance is a rock guitar enthusiast and gear nut. He has been playing guitar for over 30 years and enjoys tormenting the neighbors every chance he gets. When he's not slaving for the man, you can find him rocking out with his B.C. Rich Bich guitar, a cold beer and some sweet tunes.

He also runs, but you knew that already!

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