Chord Easy Guitar Progression

You want to start a song with a chord easy for guitar? Look no further than the E chord. E is simple to finger and you'll find it in a lot of cool songs.

E MajorA MajorD Major

For example, the E-A-D progression is really cool, fueling the power behind the chorus of "Panama" by Van Halen. This one takes some practice for sure – Eddie Van Halen is amazingly quick and has his own style of playing, but this gives you a good example of the E-A-D progression.

"SOHO" by Bowling For Soup

A lot easier example of the E-A-D progression is the opening of "SOHO" by Bowling For Soup. I'm still hunting for the tabs for this song – I really have to put some together myself, I guess.

Anyway, the song starts out like this: E / / A-D-D-D-A and then repeats, going into the first verse "New York City, subway station…". The two forward slashes (/) are the strings being muted but strummed. Listen to the song and you'll pick it up quickly enough.

"Panama" by Van Halen

Here are some tabs for "Panama" by Van Halen.

If it doesn't seem like I'm giving you much to chew on, don't worry! There's more, much more coming. It just takes a while to come up with good tunes with progressions that have chord that's easy for guitar. I promise I'll be adding stuff as I find it.

Let's go on to the next set of easy chord easy guitar progression – D-A-Bm-G.