Get your Daily 5 Guitar Habit started today!

What is the Daily 5 Guitar Habit? Well, let me answer your question with a few questions of my own...

  • Do days go by without you playing your guitar?
  • Are you frustrated because you know you should practice every day so you can reach your goals, but your practice time somehow gets trumped?

There always seems to be something that pops up to distract you from playing your guitar. Whether it's work, school, chores, a boy or girl friend or any other diversion that keeps us from devoting some time to our six-stringed friend, the end-game is still the same. We're not playing and improving our guitar skills.

What you need is a little help starting a habit to pick up your guitar on a daily basis. Just like creating any other habit, repetition is the key. The more often you take the time to invest in your playing, the easier it becomes to make sure that time is available.

I want to help you. Sign up today to begin creating the Daily 5 Guitar Habit! You'll get a reminder every day to pick your guitar up and practice short exercises or techinques. The key to establishing a habit isn't what you play, it's that you show up to invest the time to play.

5 minutes a day is not a huge commitment, but it will have a significant impact on how you treat your goal to be a guitar player. Just creating the habit to play something every day will place you in the ranks of guitar players, versus the masses of people who gave up without giving themselves a fighting chance.

As we get started, I'll point you in the direction to get some of the tools you'll need (if you don't have them already). If you need a refresher on things like tuners and metronomes, you can get a headstart that will help you on the Daily 5 Guitar Habit journey.

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