Guitar Chord Music
D-A-G Chord Progression

The D-A-G progression is very common in guitar chord music. What better place to start? You're going to find a lot of songs out there that use this block of chords. As I find more songs, I'll add them here so you have a good bunch to choose from.

D Major
A Major
G Major

Let's cover the first example.

"Do Ya" by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)

OK, so I couldn't resist pulling out a classic rock hit first off. From the very beginning of the tune, you get the D-A-G progression. For a such a simple song to play, this progression has a great sound! Here is a link to the tabs to learn this song: "Do Ya" by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).

"SOHO" by Bowling For Soup

The D-A-G chord progression is used in the chorus for this song as well as the second verse. The first verse starts out with another common progression - E-A-D. We'll cover this one in more depth later. I don't have a link for tabs to this tune, so maybe I'll write 'em myself...

So you can see, this is a great progression to get comfortable with as you practice your chords. The next progression we'll cover in guitar chord music is E-B-A.