Guitar Chord Progressions

Another good switch-up of guitar chord progressions is the D-G-Bm-A progression. All we have done here is taken the last progression we learned of D-A-Bm-G and swapped the G and A chords. Take this one slow, since we're going to move up and down the neck for this progression.

D-G-Bm-A Progression

D MajorG Major

B MinorA Major

This is a little trickier because instead of having the chord change on the same barred fifth fret (from D to A), were going to slide down the neck to the third fret for the G chord (second in the progression).

Once you've fingered the G chord at the third fret, it's a bit easier from here on out. All you're going to do now is move the same chord up the neck to the seventh fret for the Bm chord (of course lifting your middle finger to minor the chord). Then slide down to the fifth fret for the A chord.

OK, not too bad. Here's a song to try it out on.

"1985" by Bowling For Soup

This is a fun tune and give you lots of opportunity to practice the D-G-Bm-A progression. Here's the link for tabs to "1985" by Bowling For Soup.

Bm-A-D-G Progression

B MinorA Major

D MajorG Major

Now move the first two chords of D-G-Bm-A to the back of the progression for Bm-A-D-G. This will actually work more smoothly for you now that you've learned and practiced D-G-Bm-A.

The reason for this is you're starting with the Bm and sliding down to A, but the next chord is D, so you're already on the fifth fret and just have to change your fingering for the chord. After the D is the G chord. After a little practice, these chord changes will get easier as you go.

You should feel pretty good about your playing! You're learning some tunes along the way as you practice these chord changes, and before long, you'll be ready to play rhythm guitar in a band!

Let's try out this guitar chord progression with a tune from the 80's.

"Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams

This song uses the Bm-A-D-G progression for the chorus. check out the tabs here for "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams.

Let's do one more set of chords using the same four we've become so intimate with. This time let's go with the guitar chord progressions of D-Bm-G-A.