Guitar Gear

Guitar Gear

One thing you will realize early on is there's a lot of different guitar gear you can get your hands on to create, enhance and amplify your guitar playing and sound. In fact, there are so many choices it can drive you nuts! Here are some basic things you need to have to get rolling down the rock guitar road.

First off, you need a guitar - Duh! There are so many choices open to you from low-cost models to guitars that can cost you thousands of dollars. The old saying "you get what you pay for" can certainly come into play here, but there are decent relatively low-cost axes out there. We'll explore these options and what to look for as you pick out your next (or first) guitar.

You're going to need some other equipment as well. An amplifier is a must if you're going to play an electric guitar (another duh!). Like guitars, there are inexpensive guitar amplifiers available. I'll steer you in a direction towards decent amps, as well as alternatives to buying an amp starting out. As you get better and want to start jamming with a band, you need something bigger and louder so you'll be heard over the drums. We'll talk about these amps too.

There's always the little things that you need like a cable/cord between your guitar and amp. There's other accessories like picks, straps, cases, stands and strings.

Once you've learned a few songs, and depending on the amp you buy, you might want to add guitar gear to create different sound effects like echo, wah and reverb. There's pedals and rack-mount effects. There's modelers and pedal boards to chain together all your effects. There's synthesizer inputs and effects processors. I'll give you the run-down on the basics so you know what to look for when you're enhancing your sound.

All-in-all, there's a million different ways we can go with guitar gear. I'll just keep adding what I find as we go, and hopefully I can help you make good decisions on your purchases.

Are you looking for something you don't see here? Contact me with your guitar gear questions and requests. I'll be glad to hunt down answers for you. Keep on keepin' on!