Great Guitar Links

Are you a guitar junkie like me? I'm always on the hunt for great guitar links to online resources. I want you to be able to get lessons and information that's helpful to you. I may have not what you're looking for right now, but maybe one of these sites has what you need today.


Directories are a good source for researching all sorts of things from articles to tutorials, online tools and gear, artists and tabs, just to mention a few categories. Below are directories to guitar web sites that I've found pretty useful. Check 'em out!

Guitar Websites – Links to the best web sites for Guitarists with hundreds (if not thousands) of guitar-centric web site links. – Links to over 9000 guitar related sites. – News, articles and more...


The Online Guitar Directory - Your #1 Directory For Your Guitar Needs...

Instructional Sites

Financing Your Musical Education - Looking for a career in music? Getting a full-fledge education can be expensive, but there are many ways to learn music, and they don't all have to happen in a university setting. There are also many ways to pay for an education, and this site lists many of them. Special thanks to Alexis and Tracy E. for sending this valuable resource in!

Guitar Lessons - gives you full access to a complete step by step course to teach you how to play the guitar. 45 instructors and over 3000 video guitar lessons create a giant library of guitar knowledge.

Guitar Player Magazine has interviews, lessons and reviews of all types of gear. For videos, there's also Guitar Player TV. - Learn guitar from professional instructors around the world. High quality Videos. All styles. All levels.

Infinite Guitar Online Guitar Lessons

WholeNote is a free membership site with lots of online tools and other resources.

Learn How to Play Guitar | Free Guitar Lessons Online - provides free online guitar lessons as well as other information relating to guitars and playing the guitar.

Rock guitar lessons | Best electric guitar lessons - Quality rock guitar lessons for beginners and advanced players. Rock guitar legends transcriptions.

Recommended Sites

Premier Guitar – The magazine for those who have that rich uncle to pay for high-end gear... Okay, not really, but a very good source for reviews and lessons.

Guitar God in 90 Days - Learn to play guitar fast! Easy and free guitar lessons.

News and Reviews

Get the latest news and information about concerts, new albums and bands. There's also tabs, lessons and free downloads.

Review Acoustic Guitars - has thousands of guitar reviews, new product news, discussion forums, buying guides, and more for acoustic, electric, classical guitar, effects, amps, bass, drums, keys, recording gear and more. Submit reviews to win giveaways, paid review opportunities, moderator and category editor positions available as well.

Rock Industry - All the latest Rock music news, reviews and interviews in the Rock Industry. Rock Industry has brought all things rock to the masses. From mainstream metal, right through to the unsigned and the underground.. \m/

Check back often for additional guitar links to web sites. Got a great resource you'd like to share with the rest of us? Send me your great guitar links here! And thanks for sharing your "habit" with us...