Pro Speed Picking

~ Get yo' shred on! ~

Pro Speed Picking Shredder

Pro Speed Picking is a course that will benefit both beginner guitarists and help intermediate players get of the next level of Guitar Hero-dom. Comprised of 101 exercises to help increase your coordination and speed, this course has already been worth the effort - and I've only been working on the first few exercises!

R.S. Rasnick, the developer of Pro Speed Picking, has been jamming out on guitar for over 20 years. He's played and taught everything from classical to jazz guitar. It's pretty apparent from the MP3 audios of the exercises he's definitely got the chops to teach. Many of the scales have a jazz feel to them - work to master these and they will improve your rock guitar capabilities.

In the short time I've had the course, I can already see a difference in my ability. I'm still working my way up to the speed that is demonstrated in the exercises, but my coordination is definitely improving, along with my timing.

Some of the runs are brutal even at the slowest speeds. But rest assured, if you practice these and slowly increase the speed at which you play them, you will become a high speed shredder - Click Here to learn more!

Get shreddin' with Pro Speed Picking

Each exercise has an MP3 audio to demonstrate the run. The audios are professionally done, with each scale exercise timed out with a metronome leader. Each exercise is played at two speeds - the first so you get it, and the second so you have something to aspire to!

Included in the course are printable handbooks on picking techniques and rhythm, along with notation and tabs for all 101 exercises. You also get the MP3s, plus a bunch of bonus materials - click here to get a sample.

The bonuses alone are worth what R.S. is charging for the course - you get jam tracks, a metronome, tuner and scale tool. There's also midi drum samples, if you happen to have recording software that recognizes it.

Overall, the course is well organized. While many of the exercises aren't what you would normally play in a solo, they train your fingers so the riffs become second nature. Once you get familiar with the fingerings, you'll start understanding how pros piece together cool runs to create those legendary rhythms and leads.

If you're serious about real improvements in your guitar playing, I certainly recommend you check out Pro Speed Picking. Your fingers will become more flexible, your rhythm will get better, and you'll be well on your way to ripping up that guitar neck with some burning leads, if that's your thing.

Regardless, you'll have a stronger foundation to back up your skills. Gotta have a good foundation before you can build the Rockhouse - Pro Speed Picking will help get you there. Check it out!