Guitar Chords For Beginners
The E Chords

E Major

The E chords are great guitar chords for beginners. Just like most of the other chords we're learning here, E major comes into play with a lot of songs.

Guitar Chords For Beginners - E major 01

Open E major starts with finger positions on the third, fourth and fifth strings. The low E string (number 6) will be played open. Place your index finger on string number 3 (G) at the first fret. Press strings five and four (A and D) at the second fret with your middle and ring fingers, respectively.

Crank up the gain on your amp for some bone crunchin’ distortion and hit those strings. That’s a powerful chord!

Guitar Chords For Beginners - E major 02

The next most used E chord is barred at the seventh fret. The fingering is just like the barred D chord. The difference is that instead of muffling the first string (low E), play it loud and proud. So barre strings one through five with your index finger on the seventh fret, and bar strings two, three and four (B, G and D) with your ring finger.

Guitar Chords For Beginners - E major 03

You can also mix it up and play an E major barred at the second fret. Bar the first through fifth strings (e through A). Using your ring finger, press the third string (G) at the fourth fret. Press your pinky down on the second string (B) at the fifth fret. Strum all six strings, since the first string is an open E.

Em - E minor

Guitar Chords For Beginners - E minor 01

Em in the open position is super simple. Just set up for an E major and then lift your index finger off the third string (G). All you’ll have left is your middle and ring fingers on strings five and four (A and D). Done!

Guitar Chords For Beginners - E minor 02

In the barred position at the seventh fret, the Em will be the same fingering as the Dm. Again, barre the first through fifth strings, leaving low E (6th string) open. Your middle finger will press down on the second string (B) at the eighth fret. Your ring and pinky fingers will both be at the ninth fret on the fourth and third strings (D and G).

Hey, we’re really making some progress here with some great guitar chords for beginners. That’s it for the E chords. Only two more groups to cover – the F and G guitar chords for beginners.

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