Free Guitar Lesson
by Steve Vai

As I was hunting down interesting guitar tips and tricks, I came across this free guitar lesson set by Steve Vai, which he calls "Little Black Dots" on his site. Hidden in the spider webs of the Internet, cool things can be found if you know where to look!

While these are pretty advanced tips and tricks, this free guitar lesson set really gives you some insight into Steve's deep understanding of his art. I swear you watch this guy play live and it's more of a ballet with the guitar than him just playing it. Check out this video of "Whispering A Prayer":

All I've got to say is "Wow!"

OK, so if I can get a little of his magic dust to fall down on me and help me improve, I'm gonna get it. This truly demonstrates something way beyond technical knowledge. You get a real feel for the passion he puts into his playing…

So back to the lessons. He calls them "LITTLEblackDOTS", and has some different sections available. "Martian Love Secrets" helps get you into creative mental states, boosting your originality. These lessons are more about getting out of the boxes we place ourselves in so our music soars.

Steve also offers a series of "mini lessons" he wrote in 1984, getting into some heavy-duty technique. There's almost a dozen lessons to expand your playing with.

Quite a bit in here requires you to have some understanding of theory and a good handle of the various major and minor keys. He starts throwing around terms like Mixolydian scales and diatonic thirds. OK, a lot of this stuff is beyond our beginner status, but hopefully this demonstrates what you can accomplish if you focus on learning the fundamentals.

If you want, you can just file this free guitar lesson set away in your brain until you're ready for it. There's still some fun stuff in here like creating strange sounds from your guitar or different bending techniques. Don't worry, the page will be here when you need it… Get your free guitar lesson set by Steve Vai right here.