Online Guitar Tuner and
Other Tuning Tools

Here's the simple way to get tuned – online guitar tuners are a Godsend over the old ways of tuning guitars.

Did you make it through the manual tuning process, or did you cheat and come straight here? No biggy, any port on a storm, right? Well, learning the manual technique just helps to make you a better guitar player, so check it out when you get a chance.

Do your basic standard tuning right here:

The Internet is such a cool place. Here are some more resources I've found that were never available when I was starting to learn guitar. I've found some online guitar tuners that will give you the notes to tune to for standard tuning as well as some of the alternate tunings.

Here are a couple more I particularly like:

How To Tune A Guitar is a great site all about tuning guitars. Probably one of the most complete online guitar tuner resources available on the Net.

Chord Book has been online since 2000 and offers both standard and many alternate tunings in its online guitar tuner. They also have cool tools for guitar chords and scales.

You can also download a tuning program to install on your computer. This program features 27 different tunings. Not exactly an online guitar tuner but it will work nicely just the same.

Electronic Devices

One tool you may want to invest in is a metronome/tuner. You can get them for around $20US at a local music store or at one of the many online stores.

A metronome will help you learn how to keep rhythm. This is particularly important if you plan on playing in a band at any point. Using a metronome to keep a tempo will help train you to play with a drummer. You can find online metronomes as well, but it's not a bad idea to have one on hand.

Now-a-days, metronomes usually come equipped with at least one tone to tune from. For example, my metronome has the A note. FYI, each note has a frequency (or wave) associated with its sound. The A note has a frequency of 440 Hertz (Hz).

Of course, you can also find upscale electronic tuners at music stores. With some of the tuners you can plug your guitar into the device and it will help you tune based on the signal from the guitar. Some tuners also operate using an onboard microphone to pick up the tone. Depending on what features you're looking for, you can spend anywhere from $10US to hundreds of dollars.

Just starting out, in my opinion, if it's free, it's for me! I'll stick with these online tools, thank you very much!