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Fender Amplifiers

Fender amplifiers are the grand-daddies of so many other amp manufacturers. It's amazing to learn how many of the most well-known guitar amps had their start as a Fender amplifier.

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Metronome Audio Samples


There are few things more important for a musician than developing your rhythm and timing. You can be the fastest shredder out there, but if your timing is off and you can't stay with the beat, you're not going to last long in a band. Get yourself a good metronome and use these metronome audio samples to improve your playing.

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Carvin Guitars - Now Keisel Guitars

Carvin guitars have been manufacturing their own guitars and basses since the late 1970s and selling guitars since the 1950s. Initially, they simply rebranded guitars made by other companies, but by the late 70s, they really felt the need to create their own line of guitars and basses.

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Guitar Links and Resources

Check out these guitar links to great online resources for learning rock guitar.

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Get a Job and Buy Your Own Guitar Contest

You go out and get a job. With your first paycheck, you get a pawn shop special.

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Orange Guitar Amps


Orange Music Electronic Company, Ltd. has come a long way since the summer of '68. in 2006, Cliff Cooper received the Queen's Award for Enterprise at Buckingham Palace for his contribution to international trade with the success of Orange guitar amps.

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Gibson Guitars

Gibson guitars are legendary in rock music. From the time the first Gibson Les Paul hit the scene in 1952, they have been one of the most popular guitar designs ever. Like the Fender Telecaster...

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The Guitar Neck Joint

The guitar neck joint is, very simply, the point where the guitar body and the neck meet. There are essentially three ways the neck is connected to the body: Bolted on, or the bolt-on neck, set neck or the neck-through the body.

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Guitar Contests

If you're lucky, guitar contests can give you a chance to win all sorts of cool guitar gear. Sometimes there are even sweepstakes to win VIP passes to concerts and private sessions with famous...

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Jimi Hendrix Guitar in the News

So have you heard about the Jimi Hendrix guitar coming up for auction some time later this year? Yup, it'll be auctioned off by the Fame Bureau in London, U.K. September 4th, 2008.

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