Carvin Founder Passes Away

by Dave
(Akron, Ohio)

I just found out Lowell Kiesel, the founder of the Carvin Corporation, passed away today. Carvin is known for producing audio equipment for musicians, as well as guitars, basses and amps that are top-notch and affordable.

For an American company to offer affordable equipment, it says a lot for the Carvin philosophy - sell directly to the customer. Without the middle man, Carvin has been able to keep pricing within the reach of starving musicians.

Mr Kiesel started the company in Los Angeles, CA in 1946, using his name as the business name. In 1949, he changed the name to Carvin, combining the names of his two sons, Carson and Gavin.

Originally, Carvin produced pickups and other accessories, but gradually added various instruments to their line, including organs and accordions. They were even resellers for Fender and Martin guitars.

In the late 70's, Carvin began designing and building their own guitars, getting a lot of exposure on MTV in the early 80's. This helped them grow to a well-known manufacturer.

Mr Kiesel and his sons really made it possible for every-day musicians to get custom-made gear, along with professional amplifiers and sound gear for studio and stage.

As the Carvin founder, he will be missed, but he left a legacy we can all appreciate. He passed the running of the company to his sons years ago, but continued to contribute to the growth and direction of Carvin.

My condolences both to his family and the whole Carvin staff.

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