Gibson SG Guitar

Are you in the UK market looking for a new guitar? Guitar123.co.uk is just what the doctor ordered! These fine folks have put together a great site to help relieve the headache of comparison shopping for your new axe.

Whether you're looking for a new solid body, semi-hollow or acoustic guitar or bass guitar, you're bound to find it here. My friends have compiled an impressive list of top name guitar manufacturers and gone through the trouble of comparing prices at many of the online guitar stores to identify the best deals for you.

Just to drop a few names, they have Gibson guitars, Fender guitars and PRS guitars and basses available, though certainly not your only choices. The gents go so far as to break each guitar choice down to individual models and colour selections. They then compare cost and availability at each retailer.

It's clear they've put a lot of work into compiling their selection, and they aren't done yet. They continually add guitars to the site, so make sure you bookmark Guitar123.co.uk and head over there often.

If you're anything like me, once you've been bitten by the guitar bug, you'll want to check out all the eye-candy they have to offer. They'll find you a good deal, too – Bonus!

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