Muslim-Hindu Punk Rock Bands

by Dave

Muslim-Hindu Punk Rock Bands

This is a pretty cool article that really helps to cut through some of the stereotypes a lot of people have about others from different cultures.

Middle Eastern and South Asian immigrants to the US have traditionally held on to the customs of their homelands. Many have come to the states and stick to communities where others from their countries live. With that they bring the religion, music and art of these regions.

But as families live and grow up in the US, they can't help but be influenced by American culture. It's only natural that music is a big draw for personal creative expression.

One of the best musical genres for expression happens to be punk. Whether the subject is political or social, punk is wide open to vent any opinions you might have. This day and age, with everything going on in the world, there's plenty of subject matter to pull from.

The article highlights a growing movement of musicians drawn to the punk scene. These artists are following in the footsteps of musical innovators such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles and The Sex Pistols. They are rocking out with new styles influenced by their cultural upbringing and impression of the world.

Punk is allowing them to speak out about issues that traditionally they aren't allowed to express. While it might not be something some of their families are excited about, it's good to see they're getting exposure. Long live Rock!

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