The You Rock Guitar

by Dave
(Cuyahoga Falls)

You Rock Guitar, courtesy Inspired Instruments, Inc.

You Rock Guitar, courtesy Inspired Instruments, Inc.

Well, they've finally done it - figured out how to take all you Guitar Hero pros and teach you how to play a "real" guitar. The newest edition to the craze is the You Rock Guitar - more than just a game controller ala Guitar Hero or Rockband. This is actually pretty freakin' cool!

With the You Rock guitar, by Inspired Instruments, Inc., not only can you plug it into your Wii, Xbox or PSP to play both these games, you can also use your iPod, cell phone or a guitar amplifier. The gaming systems require you get something called a GameFlex cartridge to make the instrument compatible with the system. You can also plug headphones into the guitar for silent practice or jamming.

This guitar looks and feels like its big brother, with frets and "strings" on a full 22 fret neck. Each fingering change on the fingerboard results in the properly tuned corresponding note. But unlike a real guitar, you don't have to worry about tuning or intonation - it's all built in and done for you. If you happen to be jamming with someone on piano that's a little sharp or flat, you can adjust the pitch on the You Rock Guitar so you match the piano's tuning.

In fact, there's all sorts of capabilities this device has built in. if you're into recording your own stuff, you can use it as a MIDI controller. Compared to a MIDI guitar in the price range of $2000-$3000, I think it's safe to say we'll be seeing the You Rock Guitar in a bunch of recording studios!

The You Rock Guitar looks like it will retail for around $180 US. Each of the GameFlex cartridges will sell for $20 to $25 apiece. Last I heard, it should be available this summer (2010).

For more information and news/press releases about the You Rock Guitar, head over to the You Rock Guitar website.
You can also check out a bunch of videos on The You Rock Guitar YouTube channel here.

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