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I WANT YOU - to make your mark here! The "Guitars in the News" page is here for you to rave (or rag) on the latest guitar news.

There's always something going on in the Rock world. Whether it's a company announcing new gear, a newly released album or the latest rock star drama, there are constant changes in the music business.

Heck, there's been all sorts of monumental Rock news lately, with the passing of Michael Jackson and Steven Tyler leaving Aerosmith, just to name a couple stories. These are stories that affect us as music lovers and musicians.

Of course, our main interest here is with guitar news. Check out the latest info about rock guitars in the news and the people who play them below:


Well, those are some of the latest articles about guitars and rock news. What do you think? Is there guitar news missing here that should be reported on? Did something slip through Google News' radar that we guitarists need to know about? Here's the place to bring us all up to speed on YOUR take...

Got a beef with something you've read about your favorite axe? This is your chance to make a point or offer an alternate view. Maybe you heard about something no one else is reporting on, such as a great new website for guitar lessons, an excellent sale on guitar gear at an online retailer, or a local rock benefit show. What about a bitchin' contest for a 'once in a lifetime' chance to hang with your favorite artist or win that signature guitar? Tell it to the world here!

Got Something to Say About Guitars in the News?

Do you have a great story or comment about the latest rock guitar news? Let us have it - We need to know!

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You Can Attend NAMM 2011! Not rated yet
If you're going to be anywhere near Nashville in July 23, 2011, and you like checking out the new gear from your favorite manufacturers, you need to head …

Hey, I'm In Guitar Player Magazine! Not rated yet
Just found out I'm in Guitar Player Magazine, New Products 2011 Issue. I was reading through the magazine and came to the Facebook Court of Opinion on …

Orange Amplification Introduces the OPC Not rated yet
To be released in June 2010, the Orange OPC Computer Amplification Speaker will make history - a personal computer with full guitar amp capability. The …

Guitar Manufacturers Accused of Price-Fixing Not rated yet
I just read a couple articles about some major guitar manufacturers accused of price-fixing across the country. Whether it is true or false, it's going …

The You Rock Guitar Not rated yet
Well, they've finally done it - figured out how to take all you Guitar Hero pros and teach you how to play a "real" guitar. The newest edition to the craze …

Muslim-Hindu Punk Rock Bands Not rated yet
Muslim-Hindu Punk Rock Bands This is a pretty cool article that really helps to cut through some of the stereotypes a lot of people have about others …

Carvin Founder Passes Away Not rated yet
I just found out Lowell Kiesel, the founder of the Carvin Corporation, passed away today. Carvin is known for producing audio equipment for musicians, …

Roll the Dice! Win a Guitar Rig! Not rated yet
I get quite a few guitar newsletters and online ezines in my mailbox every week. I like to hear about guitars in the news, but I especially like when someone …

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